UTGP Nintendo

After my first trip to Japan I discovered that Uniqlo promoted a t-shirt design competition that I wanted to be part of it was a collaboration between the fashion brand and Nintendo. I started brainstorming with a lot of elements from the classic video games through Pokemon, Mario Kart 8 and Splatoon. I moved  quickly to do some more research on the internet because I wanted to unify many concepts from the brand and I found that many elements that appear in all sorts of titles are the flowers and plants, so I thought that these elements could work on a design and they could be a good choice for both brands.

Here you can see one of my first sketches of the idea of making flowers inside a pot.
After the initial sketch I went straight to Adobe Illustrator, I usually work on a monochromatic color palette when designing elements of the illustration.
The color test was going great but at the end I started deleting some colors because at the end this was going to be printed on a t-shirt, and at least my previous training on silk screen told me to try to minimize the colors.
I chose at the end a black t-shirt just because the delivery for Uniqlo was on white so I wanted to have an alternate version in black for RIPT Apparel.

RIPT Apparel

The design competitions that Uniqlo organizes last a lot of time, you cannot promote or sell the design through other websites but after the contest ends you can do with it whatever you want, I felt proud that RIPT Apparel chose to sell my design through their website.