My designing process includes a lot of early sketches made using my ipad and I like using the PAPER app, I chose to show this sketch because this was the most important piece to start developing the rainforest that would be showing in the final piece.
My dad loves birds, and I think that love for the birds has been an inspiration for some of my work, for this piece it was a great way to show a really beautiful bird the “toucan”. Here you can see an early depiction of the bird, later I would be using this sketch to animate a flying loop using Adobe Animate.
I chose to use a butterfly because it´s a great element that helps you tell a more complex story, a butterfly could be still and quiet but later it could be flying and moving across the screen.

I did my research on plants by going to my garden, and it´s so interesting how many patterns mother nature designs for us to enjoy, some of that inspirations could be seen on these vector elements.

Inside After Effects I worked with stuff like 3D Cameras(DOF), easing (curves), and particles systems.