Kindle eBook: The game of the 20 questions

My friend Luis Pacheco, is a very inspiring educator, he is in contact with a lot of teenagers because of his work as a teacher. He told me once that he was approached at a conference by some parents because they were interested in buying a book about the presentation he just finished giving.

That experience motivated him to write a book and I was chosen to help him design the cover. The book is up for buying at the Amazon Kindle website:

I think the inspiration for this illustration comes from my early attempts of graffiti when I was in high school. I use to make a lot of lettering back in the day similar to this illustration but also I think my inspiration for doing this comes from the great work by the artist Risa Rodil. I didnĀ“t wanted to make a copy of her work and I feel I did a good job trying to stick with an illustration that included lettering, colors and character design.

Here you can see my early attempt of a composition centered on a character and also lettering the title.
Here you can see my early attempts of the character design, at the end I chose the most simple character because I wanted for the users to understand at a simple level that the character represents a boy that could be on their teens.
I was not very convienced with the first composition and from their I moved into this other composition to try to cover a bigger area of the book cover.
Here you can see a basic structure of the cover, the colors are very different but it was a good base for the design.


Print edition now available