Tú muy fit / logo design

Everybody is happy nowadays by the Buzzcocks

I think everybody is happy nowadays… doing excercise and taking care of their bodies. I was invited to design the logo of the website #tumuyfit. Which is a blog that brings you tips, tricks and articles to help you with your routines and making your sports life easier.

I develop two proposals but I think I sketched more than 10 different ones (I’m sorry but that sketch book was stolen).

The first you see is a design focused on the concept of moving. You see legs and arms interlacing and I just love how these extremities of the body cross each other to form a “t”, an “m” in the middle and an “f” (tu – muy – fit).


In this second proposal (The chosen one), I decided to focus on the letters as characters doing excercise. You can see one of them jumping rope, the other pushing weights and one running.